Peer Review Process

Peer review (refereeing) process:

A high quality reviewing process is a key to a high quality journal. Authors who publish in Polyolefins Journal (POJ) can expect a rigorous peer review process that will result in a paper of scientifically up-to-date and, for POJ readers, reliably high-value scholarly content. The peer review process followed by Polyolefins Journal is a single-blind process with undisclosed identity of the reviewers. The following diagram shows the entire review process.


  Review process

After submission of a manuscript, first it is subjected to editorial screening. In this stage, the manuscript is checked for its originality, language and style. If the manuscript does not meet the preliminary restrictions, it will be rejected or returned to the author to be resubmitted.

The accepted manuscript for peer review is sent to the reviewers. The reports from at least two reviewers are considered for decision making by the editorial. When the manuscript needs revision, the author is requested to send a revised version according to the reviewers’ suggestions and comments. The revised version is checked by the editor and then sent to second reviews. The journal editor considers the feedback provided by the peer reviewers and then arrives at a final decision.