Regulation of molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and branching distribution in polyethylene, produced by supported catalysts bearing bis(imino)pyridyl Fe(II) and N,N-α-diimine Ni(II) complexes

Document Type : Original research


Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SB RAS, Prospekt Akad. Lavrentieva 5, 630090, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation


For preparation of highly active supported catalyst with bis(imino)pyridyl Fe(II) complexes (Fe1, Fe2) and N,N-α-diimine complex of Ni (Ni3), silica modified with alumina (SiO2 (Al)) was used as a support. Data on the possibility to regulate molecular weight (MW) and molecular weight distribution (MWD) of polyethylene (PE), produced over the supported catalyst Fe1/SiO2 (Al)+TIBA by variation of polymerization temperature and the addition of hydrogen and hexene-1, are obtained. The prepared PE samples were characterized by Mw values varied from 80 to 350 kg/mol and various MMD (Mw/Mn=4.6-11.7).
By grafting on SiO2(Al) of two different iron bis(imino)pyridyl complexes, producing PE with diverse MW, bi-component catalyst was prepared. This catalyst generates linear PE with broad and bimodal MWD (Mw/Mn=33). 
Fixation on SiO2(Al) of α-diimine Ni(II) pre-catalyst (Ni3), yielding high molecular weight branched PE at the ethylene homopolymerization, and bis(imino)pyridyl Fe(II) complex (Fe2) that forms lower molecular weight linear PE, affords formation of a new bi-component catalyst. The catalyst produces PE with broad MWD and high content of branches concentrated in high molecular weight PE fraction.


Main Subjects

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